Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Things You Can Learn from a Staffing Agency

Many people start applying for jobs through trial and error method. Some just post their resume on to a renowned Job portal and expect recruiters to call them. Few candidates submit resumes to different companies and wonder why their emails are not solicited and are not getting interview calls.That is the reason why staffing agency comes into play and help you in guiding through the job application, review and interview process till landing into a job. Staffing agency can also save you a lot of time and trouble in finding the right job. Here are few things you can learn from them:

1. Put Together a Great Resume:

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes when a job offer is made. A Job seeker makes a mistake of thinking that his resume will get through and make an impact, which far from true. When there are hundreds of resumes to filter and weed out many of them, it becomes easy for HR's to eliminate the resumes which are poorly designed. And if your resume still gets through and is selected, remember that you are in competition with the other potential candidates whose resume is also selected.

Here is where a staffing agency comes in handy. Staffing agencies normally would in the business for a considerable amount of time and know exactly how to stitch a resume inorder to make it appealing to the recruiter. A staffing firm can guide you in making resume's style, format and information relevant. Remember that your resume is the first impression creator in a single page. It can give a lot of information about you like organization skills, experience, qualifications. Simple grammatical mistakes will sound you look novice. Disorganized resume will make hiring manager think that you are not good enough for the job, though the content in the resume is great. That's why guidance from a staffing agency can be so important.

2. The Importance of Marketable Skills

Few candidates submit the same resume for every type of job, which is complete no-no. It is important to remember that different jobs have a requirement of particular skill sets, and if you’re using the same resume for each job, you will lose out on taking advantage of the opportunity in standing out because, you will not be able to market your skills and abilities which could make you stand out.

A Staffing agency can help you in advising what skills you need to have and mention in the resume for the job you are applying and to work on in that given field. You should use it and optimize by emphasizing those skills when applying for jobs. 

Another important factor is a staffing agency will spot what is lacking in terms of skills, and will advise you to acquire it before mentioning on the resume or at least work on it to help you get through the interview. There are plenty of ways to build up marketable skills that you may be lacking, and an agency will be able to make you competitive for the job you want by ensuring you receive the proper training. 

Few agencies even provide training from their end so that you will be equipped with particular skills and be more competitive for your job search.

3. How to crack the Interview

If your resume is the first impression, the interview is the infact your second impression, and is the final and aimed situation for getting employed. When you will be interviewed recruiters watch you closely; they’re observing body language and looking for both professionalism and enthusiasm.

For few, the interview is deemed to be a very difficult process. Because you are so introverted you are, you will find it difficult to showcase your capabilities within allotted time in the interview.

Coaching for interviews has been proven to be one of the most effective means of getting people ready for an interview. It gives you some idea of what it will be like when you are sitting in front of the recruiter for real, while also allowing you to receive handy feedback from the coaches on where issues arise or where they need further work.

A staffing agency can provide just such coaching for future interviews, teaching you how to make the very best second impression possible.