Monday, 18 September 2017

The Benefits of Using Temporary Staff Agency

Searching for a job can be a tedious and frustrating experience for many job seekers. Most of the job seekers normally do not like to relocate. With digital and latest online job searching portals, the employees can get a lot of options for multiple locations, but it's hard to find jobs in their local area unless they are tied to any community. This will make the job seeker applies to a company through the Human resources department or through any other job recruiter that will accept But, there is also a viable option where many of the applicants forget, which is applying through a staffing agency which already has a track record and maintains healthy relationship with variety of employers. This gives the staffing agency an advantage while applying than going through other applicants.


All jobs are not right for all people, and some companies that partner with employment agencies prefer a certain type of worker. One of the best benefits of working with a temporary agency is that they have a vested interest in helping their staff members find suitable ongoing positions because all parties are earning a profit on some level. Companies need qualified workers, but having a staffing agency contract means that the temp agency actually becomes a de facto human resources department that covers the expense of hiring an employee until they make a final decision on permanent acceptance. There may be assignment options available for the staffing agency employee.

Building Relationships

One of the greatest myths about staffing agencies is that they only offer temporary work. While this is true of many manpower contracts, a large number of perceived temporary positions can become permanent positions when a staffing agency employee demonstrates to the actual company of assignment that they would make a good addition to the permanent company roster. This is known in the industry as temp-to-hire, and many individuals have secured solid lucrative jobs in the manner. Temporary employees actually still work for the employment agency, which can be an advantage when temp assignments are not a good fit for the worker. This gives the worker an opportunity to build personal relationships with the temporary contractor as well as the personnel management at the employment agency.

Finding Specialized Work

Many staffing agencies specialize in providing only one type of worker, such as a clerical staffing agency. This can counter the misconception that staffing agencies only offer low-paying jobs on a temporary basis. Targeted staffing agencies offer many well-paid openings such as temporary sales positions that the worker can parley into a full-time lucrative career. In fact, acquiring permanent employment from some companies paying higher salaries can only be accomplished through a staffing agency when the ultimate permanent employer uses one temporary agency exclusively.

It is estimated that 90% of all major companies in the nation use staffing agencies in some manner for a variety of manpower needs. And, many of those positions last for a significant amount of time, even though the assigned worker is not required to take a permanent assignment. Staffing agency employees commonly have the choice of remaining on a job or choosing a change of scene, which works well for many workers with specific personal situations. Employment through a staffing agency can be the perfect fit for many individuals.

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