Wednesday, 3 January 2018

5 Reasons A Flexible Work Schedule Will Change Your Life

Flexible work schedules give advantages to both employers and
employees. Employer allowing an employee to have flexibility in working is fast becoming one of the most sought-after job perks. According to a survey by flexjobs, 97% respondents have claimed that a flexible job would have a positive impact in their lives. 

Enlisted are few reasons why a flexible working schedule may bring a big change in your life:

1. It can allow you to pursue passions

Today’s employees definitely work more hours than those of older generations. But, the Gen X and Y employees believe in “work to live, not live to work” They would like to create their own work schedules around their life goals. 

Working as an Independent agent or contractor gives this flexibility of working to thrive both at both work and outside of it. It gives you resilience and monetary resources to pursue your passions along with staying committed to providing services to the employer. 

2. It gives time to focus on your health.

Most of the Flexible workers opine that flexible working helps hugely in having time to focus on health, both mental and physical alongside their hobbies. As per the same survey by flexjobs, 79% of sampled individuals said that flexible method of working would make them healthier and 87% of them quoted that it lowered their stress levels. 

People who work long hours often complain of exhaustion and stress. As a result of stress they gain weight, lose energy and have the risk of developing harmful personal habits to cope with stress.

3. It helps you to spend time with your kith and kin.

Having the flexibility to spend ample amounts of time with family while still working full time is a huge selling point for people accepting the job opportunity. Having a flexible schedule as well as the ability to work from home gives more time to spend with family and to manage children grow.
It can give you time to travel.

58% of survey respondents said they want a flexible work roster for that reason. Further, according to MMGY Global’s 2017 Portrait of American Travelers survey, millennials intend to travel 35% more last year. This number would surely increase this year, taking the survey into account. Being able to take vacations and tours according to their schedule is a huge bonus.

4. It can make you a more productive employee.

Studies showed and proved that flexible working will benefit the employee and make him more productive. Working in an office with disturbance from co-workers, emphatic surroundings, and other diversions, it can be hard to focus on your projects. 

Having the ability to work from home or wherever you want can help you to accomplish the assigned tasks more efficiently. When an employee knows they can switch off from work without there feeling guilty or facing resentment, they would definitely want to put in more effort for the company.

5. It Allows You Learning Opportunities:

Your day job will help you learn and hone skills that are required for that particular job and the remaining part of your day could be absorbed in your daily chores at home. But, freelancing will open up opportunities far beyond what is required at your day job and thereby give you more opportunities to learn and grow. If you are already a freelancer it will help you to develop skills specific to the freelance work you are pursuing.

As a freelancer you will be interested in acquiring skills about networking, marketing and branding yourself, negotiating skills among few of others. And what more, these skills will help you in other aspects of your life as well as your career growth and advancement in future.

Do you want a flexible work schedule?

These are just a few of the benefits stemming from a flexible work schedule – there are many more. Radiant offers flexible, independent contractor (or agent) roles that can give you the power to do the things YOU want to do. If you are interested in pursuing a career that allows flexibility, check out our website or mail your resume to

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