Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tricky Job Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced Professionals

In job interviews, you will always have few basic questions that almost every interviewer will ask. There will also be few job interview questions that pose a challenge and as an applicant, you really need to be weary of these. The basic reason behind these grueling questions for the interviewer is to get a deep insight of who you are and how you can be fit to the company culture. Some questions would be really tough and others are asked to judge how you react at that point. Preparing for such tough interview questions will give you a good chance to re-examine yourself and crack the interview. In a bid to help you, we have rounded up few of the questions with reason and the right way of answering.

Majorly any kind of job interview questions can be categorized into
  • Personal level
  • Weakness level questions
  • Previous Experience
  • Behavioral Job Questions
  • Why did you leave questions
The personal level questions are aimed to get to the core of your character and dig into who you are on a personal front. A weakness questions is painful but interviewers love to grind you on it and you need come out good with a perfect answer. Interviewers look at your honesty and be mindful of not dwelling too much into your dark past or try to keep some secrets to yourselves.

Previous work experience questions are asked by employers to know how you handle workplace situations and what you think of your co-workers. There are few “On the Job" questions as well, which are tricky, primarily asked to probe into how you would adapt to the company's conditions. Here are some of the toughest interview questions that employers ask, along with advice on how to respond and sample answers.

1. Why Should We Hire You? 


The best way to answer this question is to give tangible examples of how your skills and achievements make you the right choice for the job. Looking and comparing the job description with your skillsets will help you answer the question in an effective manner. Be positive and show your interest in the company and the position you are interviewed for.

The ideal way to prepare a response to this question would be to, first breaking up the job description. Then make a list of the qualifications needed for the opening that also includes personal traits, skills, and experience. Then, make a list of the qualities and match these requirements. For each quality you listed out against the job requirement, think of a situation that you used your attribute to achieve the required at previous work.

2. Do you think your experience matches the needs of the job?


This question when posed that is related to the experience, you need to be very specific in answering and highlighting about your skills and accomplishments at work. Try not to answer it in a broader way, but, use specific examples of how your past situations help you for the new role.

The sure shot way to nail it is to describe your responsibilities at the previous jobs in detail and correlate it with the job you are being interviewed for. That way, you are connecting the dots and assuring the recruiter that you have the necessary qualifications to perform the job. Concentrate more on your previous job responsibilities that are directly or indirectly linked to the new job's demands.

It's key to be accurate and honest while answering this question. Don't adorn and decorate your job with false statements, because it is probable that the the hiring manager could be checking with your references and you could be in a dicey situation.

3. Who Was Your Best Boss or Worst Boss?


With this question the employer is trying to find, if you are the type of candidate who shows any negativity accounted to your previous boss. This way they would determine if you are a correct match and nice fit for company's culture.

You may or may not have a bad boss, but if you had a boss who was disgusting, don't put it up front and vent it out. Interviewers think that it is negative on your part to say bad about your previous boss because, they would ultimately think that if you sound negative about previous company, chances are you would do the same with this organization, you are trying to get hired.

4. What Are the Most Difficult Decisions to Make?


This question can also be put across by the recruiter as “Have you ever had to make a really tough decision at work?"  There is no perfect or right or wrong response to this question. You are simply put through this question to judge you faced a difficult situation and what decision you made to handle it. This question will also give them an understanding of what type of decisions you consider as difficult.

These are type of behavioral interview questions prepared to discover how you have managed a particular situation. The basic logic behind these types of questions is just one simple thing: Your past behavior is a predictor of your future conduct.

5. What Do People Most Often Criticize About You?


You need to be careful while giving answer to this question. There is thin line that you need to be mindful of not crossing. You don't have to show that you are criticized invariably on the job, and also you don't want to come across as perfect person.

You need to be clever enough to not mention things that are connected to the job you're applying. You need to make a point, that that the criticism does not affect your way of performing the job.
You might also consider choosing a weakness that might be considered a strength in prospective job. For example, you might say that some people have said that, you are very critical of your work and consider even intricate details to be completed on time. This will explain that you are a perfectionist and are keen in getting the complete job done without any loopholes.

If you explain how you improved over a weakness and taken it as challenge to improve, will be the correct way to answer. This will illustrate that you are positive at taking, accepting and working on criticism to refine.


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