Monday, 27 March 2017

5 Success Tips for Contractors Working at Home

The business world has changed a lot and there are more options given to employee to opt for work from home. However, there may be few obligations still with this style of working, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for both companies and employees. While we will not delve more into that, we would focus on aiding and making work from home a success, with means to achieve. Let me remind you working from home is not that easy, as one thinks. It takes an average professional two years to get acquainted for this mode of working. This can be justified by Tim Sackett's post on his blog titled, “Working From Home is One Big Lie” and after reading it you will understand the challenges people can have working from home.

To work at home one must understand two aspects and balance them. One is controlling the distractions and the other is embracing the freedom. There are distractions if you work in a corporate office too. You might not like a loud conversation your co-worker continuously has with other colleagues. You could shut it off by putting your headgear on and listening to music. But, when it comes to working at home you are on your own. You and your family(if you have one) are your distractions. Hence you should know how to avoid it. If you play a Justing Bieber song in the afternoon, and getting distracted from work, then you only have to be blamed for.

Figure Out Your Best Time. 

You should be self-aware when you are most productive. There are times in a day when you are most active. You should concentrate and work most in that duration to be more productive to finish off the tasks in time.

Set up the best office space you can.

Make your working space good enough to avoid distractions. Make a room for yourself at your home that is quiet and serene, and will give you the motivation to accomplish tasks. The working environment should be free of distractions, neat and tidy. If you can enhance few motivational pictures attached to the wall to give you that enthusiasm, then go for it.

Practice self-discipline. 

You should be disciplined enough to know how much time you can allot to work and when you can switch off your mind and take a break. But, do remember that you need to be back to working zone to finish your assigned tasks. This on and off repetition and being disciplined to work and get things finished off is very important when working at home. Don't get carried away and take a long break Starbucks postponing work.

Designate time for home duties.

When you work at home, there are definitely household chores that you need to attend at some point. Hence, you should chart out and plan when you attend to them and get back to work. As mentioned in the other heading figure out the best and most active work time and cater the other time for laundry or any other errands. If possible, designate them to others if you need to avoid it, to complete a major project.

Find time to work out and stay healthy:

The big advantage of working at home is you can do multiple tasks at a time. You can put a cooker and work parallelly. You can as well go to a gym in the off-peak hours and stay healthy. Majorly, your health is in your hands and you can make sure you don't fall ill, there by continuing to work on the task by staying healthy. Avoid food that you are allergic off to stay fit and healthy, or at least curb that temptation, till you are on a contract.

Hence, you must have known working at home isn’t that easy. As mentioned there are both advantages and disadvantages. But, if you are more comfortable working at home follow the above checklist to make sure you get the work done properly. Use the work at home option to your advantage and build self-discipline to accomplish it. The key is finding the right balance between the freedom you get and how to use it, avoiding distractions to the most.


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