Thursday, 21 December 2017

Tricky Interview Question: Answering What's your biggest weakness?

This one of the common and trickiest question you would be asked in a job interview. You must be wondering what is the best way to talk about your weaknesses when posed such questions? It’s crucial to get through this question because you should not sound as if you are not going to to get the job. There are different ways to answer this question. One way is to mention skills that aren't critical for the job and discuss skills that you have drastically improved on, and turned a negative aspect of your attitude into a positive one.

However, you should remember that no one is perfect in this world. First step in answering this question is that you should be modest. We all are bound to have weaknesses, and it's absolutely okay to mention some skills that need improvement. But, it is important to give your weakness a silver lining, and use it as an opportunity in highlighting other strengths and emphasize your determination to keep getting better.

First thing first, think yourself as an employee and frame your answer around positive sides of your skills and talent.

Discuss Superfluous Skills

One way to answer this question is to find the key skills and abilities needed for the job and come up with an honest flaw or drawback which is not required for the job. 
For example, if you are applying for a programmer job, you might share that you are not particularly good at sports or general knowledge(news). This way you agree that you have a shortcoming which is not at all related to your job. You are there by telling that you are very weak at keeping up to date with daily news, which is not at all essential for the job.

Mention Improved Skills 

Another way of answering this question is to tell the interviewer that you have drastically improved on any skill that is advertised in the job. This way you are showing the interviewer that you have improved and can further make improvement when needed.

You can depict for employer how your initial level of performance was in that skill, discuss the steps you have taken to improve on it, and then cite your present, improved level of skill.

If you follow this approach be sure to mention only the skill that you improved upon that is related to the job for which you are being interviewed.

Turn a Negative Into a Positive

Another approach is to turn a negative aspect of you character into a positive. For example, if you have a trait like, a sense of urgency in getting things done. Mention that you use that to get projects completed on time. For example you are a person you always wants to double check things. Then you can say, I have a habit of noting important aspects of projects and write to-do and completed list and double each time to make sure the project is progressing on time.

Examples of the Best Answers

Remember the last strategy. Do not use "weakness" in the sample answers. You should always have to depict the positive side of your weakness when interviewing.

When I begin the project I have the deadline in the back of my mind. Hence, I ensure I complete it beforehand and well before the given deadline.

During the early phases of my career start, I wasn't very organized and it was not my strongest point. But I made constant and consious efforts to overcome that. I started implementing a sticked to a time management system that helped me nurture my organization skills. 

I am perfectionist. That sometimes make me check my work little too often. However, I have learnt to be perfect in doing my assigned tasks and also stick to my deadlines. I setup a system to have a good balance to make sure everything is done properly while doing the first iteration of my job.

Sometimes I waited til the last minute to set appointments for the next week. However, I realized that this practice is giving not so positive results and worked on not waiting and scheduling the appointment well in advance which made more sense.

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