Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Answering Job Interview Question: How Do You Handle Deadlines?

"How Do You Handle Stress and deal with deadlines" is one of the common interview question. As an employee it is imperative that at some instance you will be stressed and the hiring manager would like to know how you you handled it. Hence, you'll need to be prepared to respond to this question. The employer definitely will make out and would like to know how pressure affects you, and how you manage it. 
To give a perfect answer to this question, you should be willing to provide appropriate examples of how you handled stress in the past. It would a master stroke if you can also provide examples of times and situations when pressure actually made you a better and productive employee.

Tips for Answering Stress Related Interview Questions 

The perfect way to begin answering this question is to give an example of how you have handled a stressful situation in your previous jobs. This will give an idea to the interviewer or hiring manager, how well you dealt and worked through stress-full situations.
However, avoid mentioning anything that you, by your own means have put yourself in an unnecessary stressful scenario. For example, do not let the interviewer know about a time when you were have postponed a project and stressed yourself out and had to finish it quickly. Instead, mention situation where there was a time when you were given hard tasks with multiple jobs at a time and you rose to the occasion and worked through it.

Do not focus too much on how stressful you felt or how bad the situation was. Though you must admit that stress did happen, give importance on how you dealt with the whole situation rather than mentioning how it troubled you. Do research on the what the main role of the job is supposed to be and avoid saying that you are normally stressed out by the situation that is common in the job which you have applied.
When you know that the job required you to work and juggle between multiple projects, do not say that you would get stressed doing multiple projects, as you are already aware that this would be part of the job. This will make you unfit for the position and mark you down your chances of selection.

The other way around works much better. Mention that you work better with stressful situations and it would help you get motivated and boost your productivity. You can even provide an example to showcase a time when a little stress during a difficult project helped you to be more creative and better worker.
Examples of few Best Answers
  • I react to situations, rather than to stress the situation provides me. That way, I takle and handle situations so that stress doesn't take me over. For instance when I deal with disgusted or unsatisfied customer I focus on the issue or the task causing the stress to the customer. My communication skills helps reduce the stress during these moments and help me deal the customer effectively, to smoothen the situation.                
  • I like to work better during pressure. I like and enjoy challenging situations and that brings out the best in me. My job and job process have deadlines and involves multi tasking. I find that when I'm given a deadline, the pressure or stress to perform brings in more creative work out of me.
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