Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Stop Living In The Past and Move Your Career Forward

Do you remember the good old days? Have a minute to think about what this means to you. Everyone's answer is different. But one thing that I imagine will be similar is that you will always try to recreate that moment.

This could mean moving from job to job, never quite find one that fits. Can you relate to that? If it's a ‘yes’, let me give you some advice…

Stop thinking about the past, as it will never come back and it will never be the same! The past is the past for a reason. Please stop wasting time thinking that you can recreate it. You won't!

When it comes to a strategy for this you should divide time and focus on three aspects. They are

  1. Manage the present 
  2. Selectively forget the past. 
  3. Create the Future.

Over focus on the first aspect. If you have to create a future for yourself then you have to you to work on the second aspect. It is simpler said than done. However, the message is simple: "The future is now." 

Competition at present is very high, the 2nd and 3rd options mentioned above refer to competition for the future which is Innovation. But, both are important. 

Focus on your strengths and overcome and fears to change your future. Work on your weaknesses simultaneously. 

One more very important thing is to set a big goal and try to accomplish it in smaller chunks of objectives set out periodically. For example, you want to become a scientist and you are terribly failing the interviews. 

Check on what is going wrong, what your strengths are and set out for that big goal by taking small steps forward. Make a list of what is going to make you achieve that goal and how much duration is required and how you are going to work for it and strive hard to achieve the same. 

Live in the present and you will create new and exciting opportunities. You will also become more open minded.

Ready for that challenge? Give it all you've got! 100% effort! You don't have to wait for the right opportunity, you can go and grab it right now!

Trust me, instead of day dreaming about the past, you will feel much better about yourself when you have made a positive impact. Shine right now instead of being buried in the past. I mean, why be considered a relic when you can be compared to a diamond?

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