Friday, 4 August 2017

Recruiters vs tech: Who is more important to recruitment industry?

The recruitment and staffing industry is at a crucial juncture and dawn of new age as human resourcing recruiters and technological advancement compete to enhance the recruitment process as per a report from HR Dive.In June 2017, the Glassdoor Local Pay Report states that, in general, recruiters will become apprised of an 8.4% pay increase by 2018 which is equal to almost four times that of HR professionals.

This, suggests that talented and skilled recruitment personnel are still valuable for the organizations to source ideal candidates. However, recruitment technology has caught up recently and more so, in some areas, it has surpassed the abilities of human recruiting. So, are we about to see technology takeover the recruitment sector?

What value can human recruiters 

Glassdoor Chief Economist and Twitter Influencer Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, says that the roles of the human recruiters are simple. In an interview, he said that: “Companies rely more on recruiters to attract coveted talent as the US reaches full employment, and this puts their skills in high demand".

Jason Nazar, Co-Founder, and CEO of Comparably, also an active tech entrepreneur, investor, and writer remarks that the role of human recruiters is very integral part of the recruitment process. He claims that Recruiters are challenged with sourcing hard-to-find candidates, especially in fast-growing acquisition companies backed by the venture. He opines that these companies have a voracious demand for quality resources and talent pool.”

He also explains the reasons behind the expected recruiter pay increases by saying: “Recruiters are mostly sales oriented and motivated by financial rewards, which explains the large increase in pay and likely bonuses too." It seems very apt and is going to be the norm in the industry.

Rise of Recruitment technology

With the advent of the internet, social media and technological application tracking system the sector once dominated by human recruiters is taking a technological approach with the advent of Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. More over, this approach is not only being followed by sourcing one candidate but the whole company.

HR tasks, like checking the on boarding candidate list, sending emails, verifying payroll inputs and outputs etc, are good tasks for automation. Automating these and few other HR manual activities also improve accuracy and quality of these activities along with saving time and effort.

Bots are being commonly deployed in some HR processes like recruiting, onboarding and payroll processing. In fact, the entire process of sourcing the resumes by pointing to a Job Description to interview scheduling and rolling out offers letters can be automated through properly devising a strategy.

What is in store for the future?

Taking future into account, we can expect to see an amalgamation of both human and automated recruitment styles. We will continue to see varying recruitment styles from human and technological-based recruitment firms. Though the technology in the industry will continue to advance, the expected pay increase due to technological advancement calls attention to a continuing need for human resources and recruiters in the industry.

As per recruiting influencers the largest challenge of recruiting is sourcing coveted candidates which emphasize more on human influence, through which it can be achieved. How much ever the technology can take up recruitment process, it cannot appeal to the candidate the way a human recruiter can, specially when it comes to branding. Nazar highlights that a prospective candidate is much more valuable if they adore your organizational mission than a passive candidate who is merely just looking for a healthy paycheck. 

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