Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Interview Question: Do You Think a Temporary Job Is a Good Fit for You?

When you are interviewed for a temporary job, the employer asks this question to judge how willing are you to be a temporary resource. Interviewer wants basically to know if you would be successful in the job, because it is not permanent. A major part of answering this question is showing how how enthusiastic you are about the idea of a temporary employment, rather than a permanent, position. For this same reason, many interviewers will ask why you think a temporary job is a good fit for you.

The catch is, even if you are eventually interested in a permanent position, you should still sound very enthusiastic when answering this question. You should explain the situations of how a temporary job is ideal for you right now and showcase the qualities that make you a strong temp hire.

How to Answer

One way to answer the question as mentioned previously is to focus on why and how your current circumstances makes temp job suitable for you. For example, you could be a graduate and just finished graduation and temp work would be a perfect fit in figuring out your long-term goals or if you want to gain more professional experience before returning to college.
You can also answer this question another way. By focusing on why your personality suits the job, you can give the answer. For example, you could explain that you are good at communication skills and like working and gelling with different people, hence adjusting to new work conditions. You might as well explain that you are a quick learner so that your faster learning abilities new office procedures.
A very good answer will combine both of these approach of answering. So, you can explain why temping fits your current situation and why your personality is best suited for a contract job.

Be Honest But Positive

You want to be honest when answering this question. You can (and should) honestly explain why temp work is ideal for you based on your current professional or personal situation. If you focus on why your personality makes you a good fit for temp work, be sure to honestly assess your traits.
For example, don’t say you are very outgoing if you aren’t.
That being said, you should also be as positive as possible when answering this question. A response such as “A temp job is a good fit for me because I need any income I can get” shows the employer that you don’t care much about the job or the company. You want to explain why you’re a good fit for the job in a way that shows you actually want to do temp work for the organization.

Examples of the Best Answers

  1. I think that a temporary position is exactly what I need right now. I am just returning to the workplace, and I am looking forward to a temporary position to help me decide where to focus my future career.
  2. A temporary job is a perfect fit for me at this time. Since my husband's job necessitates our moving often, working temp jobs allows me to keep current in my career, without the commitment of a permanent position. Also, because of my experience in temp jobs, I have become a very quick learner and can pick up on new office procedures almost immediately.
  3. Absolutely. I enjoy working with many different people and experiencing the work culture in different offices. I am very flexible and quickly adjust to different office environments.
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