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Career Turning Tips For Answering Temp Job Interview Questions

Are you attending an Interview for a temp job? It's very important to be aware how to frame your answers to interview questions properly when looking for temporary job. As you may be aware a temporary job is one in which you remain in the job for a short and limited time period. Temp jobs could occasionally, turn into permanent position as well. Temps or seasonal workers also called contractors are sometimes hired through mainly by temp agencies, or they can be hired directly by a recruitment company.

In a temp job interview, it’s important to focus on your flexibility, your high comfort level with working in new environments, your ability to communicate and work well with a variety of colleagues, as well as your availability for temporary jobs.

Here are few tips compiled for getting through a temporary job interview. The basic advice if you are attending a temp interview is reviewing common temporary job interview questions and sample answers you can use to get ideas for giving personalized interview answers. 

Tips for Interviewing for a Temp Job

Focus on the role. 

Thoroughly read the job description before attending the interview. Emphasize to the hiring manager that you have the capability ti fill the specific role of the temporary opening. 

In order to do this, you need to highlight the skills and experiences along with accomplishments, if any, that will help you make fit for the role. In a Temporary Job, more so than in an interview for a permanent job, you would like to prove that you have what the employer needs and understand their pain points. As you will not be permanent employee, focus more on how you can complete the required tasks, rather than your showing more interest in the company or it's culture.

Highlight key temp job skills. 

Beyond highlighting your skills that are related to the specific job, you can also highlight qualities that would make you a good temp worker. For example, emphasize your flexibility and availability (see below for more information on this). Also emphasize your ability to work and get along with a variety of colleagues. If you are a quick learner, say so. Provide an example of a time when you demonstrated any of these skills. These qualities are needed in any temp job, and will help you stand out.

Be flexible. 

Emphasize your flexibility. If you can work nights or weekends (if that is something the job might require), be sure to state this. Also mention if you are able to start right away. Often, temp jobs require working a flexible schedule. Also emphasize that you are a flexible worker who is comfortable working in new environments and with new people

Don’t ask for a permanent job. 

Even if you would prefer a full time position rather than a temp job, there's no need to mention it in the interview. That's because the temp agency, or the employer if they are hiring direct, wants to hire temporary workers who can commit to the job only for as long as needed.

That being said, if you are asked if you might like a long-term position should one open up, you can answer “yes,” but still emphasize that you are excited about the temporary position.

Discuss salary beforehand. 

Often with temporary jobs, there is not a lot of room to negotiate salary, especially after the offer is made. If you are working with a temp agency, discuss your salary needs with the temp agency beforehand.

That is something many companies are looking for in a temp worker.

Prepare for common interview questions. While you should prepare for your interview by practicing answers to the questions listed below, you also likely will be asked some common interview questions. Be sure to practice and prepare answers to both common interview questions and temp job interview questions.

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