Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to answer "Why are you a good fit for the company?"

There are different types of questions asked by interviewers in any kind of job interview. One of the common competency based interview question a job seeker faces is ‘Why’ or ‘How’ is he fit to work in a position advertised or for the company. Most of the job seekers answer this by howling their good qualities. However, the question "What makes you a good fit for this job?" is not a question about candidate's qualities. It's a question about how well you have known about your possible next job and researched about it. You're going to answer this question by making them know how well you've prepared and what range you are in to answer it.

It is imperative that every candidate wants to be wanted.
An interviewer is unlikely to be overly charmed by a candidate who looks like they’re simply trying to hold an interest. So, instead of selling yourself and lashing out qualities of how and what make you a great hire for any company, the fittest approach would be to to demonstrate why you’re a perfect match for this particular job.

First and foremost, you should do some homework and research the company. Take some time out before the interview to find out what the company is, by checking it's website. Check if it has social media presence and accounts and what they are posting about. Check the Glassdoor site to know the reviews and what previously hired employees have mentioned. This will give you a deep understanding of organisation’s culture, and it's core business. Try to identify the what the business really stand outs for and if it has any other competencies.

Company culture ranges from the dress code of employees to how they interact with company heads and how they contribute to company's profit. When you are faced with this question you can also expect Interview questions about company culture that are designed to determine if you are a good fit for the business.
For example, if the company is a mid-sized company struggling to make a mark, where employees have to put in long working hours and weekends which you may not be willing commit then you may not be a good fit for such dynamic atmosphere.
Once you have collected all this information, you have a basic draft. Now you can use your skills, achievements, personal traits and relate them with everything you’ve researched to deliver the perfect response.

Right answer: 

‘Based on the research I’ve done about your company, yours is an organisation that really values staying on the cutting edge of technology. I was especially impressed with some of the technical details I read about the XYZ project. I think there’s a really good fit between my interest in evolving my own skills and technical knowledge, and the fact that your firm is known for continual technical improvements. That’s one reason I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work here’
Wrong answer: 

‘You have a job. I need a job. Put your hands together, and everyone’s a winner.’
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