Monday, 17 July 2017

How To Effectively Answer Competency-Based Interview Questions

Competency-Based Interview Questions are a set of Job Interview questions that would be asked along with behavioral type, opinion questions etc,. These questions are generally asked to candidates to judge how they would act in a given situation. The interviewer would try to judge your skills and attitudes and would ask for specific examples when you demonstrated the required skills.

To answer this competency interview question candidate has to describe a problem he was in, the action he took to tackle it and the outcome of that situation. The basic reason behind asking such questions is how quick the mindset of interviewee is and evaluate how the situation is being handled. 

Types Of Competencies-

Competencies or of different types. Behavior competencies include ethics, motivation, communication, leadership and coping up pressure.Other type is cognitive competency. These are generally measured by candidate's learning skills, aptitudes and abilities. The last type of competency is technical related specific to one's job or field of work. It is related to knowledge and performance like ability to work on any application or system or skill. 

Approach to Competency-Based Questions-

When trying to elicit answer to such type of interview questions, the interviewers is looking to suck out as much information from you as possible. The best way to prepare as a candidate is to ponder over your experience. You should make sure you provide complete information regarding that question so that interviewer understands the complete scope of your answer.

To answer the questions, make a list of skills and abilities for the job you are attending and assess what type of questions could be asked. Also think of situations you were in, where you encountered and solved it. Try to relist and review your list before the interview and be ready with the answers for each skill. 

How to Answer Competency-Based Questions-

 Be Succinct: 

It is common for candidate to wander about when answering the question, specially if he is not in that situation before. Hence, it is important to keep the answer short and concise and up to the point. Before answering the question, think of the situation, if you already have been in that scenario and tell about the actions you have undertaken and the outcome or solution to that problem. Provide a clear and precise description and do not try dragging on the answer, which could sound boring to the interviewer. 

Don't Place Fault: 

If you are asked about a difficult situation or a particular problem involving your previous boss it is normal to place blame, if is the case. But, never fault your previous manager and any other person involved. Because, these questions are regarding the situations you were involved and not about others. Hence, give your answer as per your perspective, not putting the blame on others. Focus on how you managed the situation and dealt with it, not dwelling on other person's failures.

Below are few example of questions regarding few competencies that are mostly asked in job interviews.

1. Question On Adaptaptability and Change:

Tell us about a situation of a biggest change you have to deal with in your previous organization and how you have handled it.

2. Question On Communication and Interaction:

Tell us about a situation where you failed to communicate properly. What would you do differently to handle such situation if you encounter it again.

3. Question On Creative ability and Different Thinking 

Tell us about a time when you had to think very different and adapted a creative approach. What challenges you had to face in this situation and how did you manage them?

4. Question On Flexibility 

Tell us about a situation when you had to perform a task which you had never attempted. How did you feel about the task and what flexible actions you took to complete it?

5. Questions On Leadership

Tell us time when you had to show leadership qualities. What leadership role did you take up and how you showcased you leadership abilities. What challenges did you face and how did you meet them?


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