Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How To Answer Job Interview Question: What Are Your Strengths?

This one of the most common questions you are asked in an interview. The reason this question is quite often asked is, interviewees don’t answer this question properly. Because, it is normal to this that this question is very easy. When confronted with this question, you have to list out two or three skills that are most relevant to the job you have applied. Do not beat around the bush when answering this question. You need to be aware of yourself and confident while answering this question. Don’t be general and offer specific evidence.

Think and describe new ways these skills could help you relate to the position applied and enhance your candidature for the new position. You can say, “I am very focused and good attention to detail. I see that the current job requires this skill and has in fact listed the skill as desirable requirement. When you are asked about weaknesses, always try to be honest. However, do not shoot yourself in the foot. You need to be clever enough to avoid mentioning a weakness that that could be a big obstacle in being selected for the job.

In this case, if you barely have any experience, then it is wise to mention that you do not have relevant work experience for the job. As the job doesn’t require any experience, the interviewer must have noticed this already, and you would not be at the negative side answering this. Then you can continue explaining how you’re suited for the job.

A perfect answer to this scenario is: “My greatest strengths are interpersonal skills and communication skills. With my skills I can usually turn people to my point of view. Alongside this, I have good judgment skills and ability to contribute to a given problem. These skills are directly related to the job. I see that you require 3 years’ of work experience for this position. Though my CV shows I’ve only two years’ experience, I have taken two evening college courses related to my field and have been active participant in a professional society. I’m confident that my combined knowledge and skills are equivalent to other applicant who do have work experience 3 years”

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