Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Best way to write a resume that compensates for an employment gap

You have experience, professionalism, education, confidence and skills that can easily impress any hiring manager. However, you are being bogged down, because you were fired once during your career. While everything seems fine on your resume, that small doubt created because of employment gap can hamper your success in clearing the interview. You can turn this negative into positive, and never lie or worse hide this in the interview process.


Jerk Up Your Resume

The best way to deal with such situation is to prepare a resume with your positives being highlighted first and create a hybrid resume. You should list your qualifications, job experience and skills on the top to compensate for the employment gap. Mention your employment history in reverse chronological order. 

By doing this, we are putting our strong points in front which could make the hiring manager ignore the employment gap. You can as well fill the gap with online classes or volunteer work at a non-profit organization. But, be careful of the dates and list the responsibilities properly. 


Be Ready With Your Answer

As you have necessary skills and experience, imagine the interviewer called you. But, be assured that he will definitely fire the question regarding employment gap and your answer is going to make or break the situation.

Firstly, your answer needs to short, precise and succinct. Secondly you need to be honest with what you say. If the hiring manager finds the answer to be untruthful, then you could be gone for a toss.

Secondly, you should answer the question very confidently. Put it across in fewest possible lines, and let the interviewer ask questions. Do not be in any confusion. You should sound confident in your answer and never provide false information. The company is inevitably going to do background verification and you would be caught if you provide wrong answers.

Thirdly, do not bad mouth the manager or the company that you were fired by. That gives false impression to the interviewer. Rather than doing this, the best thing is to explain how you have evolved aftermath that exit and learned to cope with the situations.

Explain how that experience helped you develop and what you gain out of it. If it is performance related issue, let them know that you were unaware of what company goals were at that juncture. But, later you realized and have gained knowledge and learned from the mistakes.

I will post more blogs relating to issues that candidates face in regards to job hopping or similar issues and how they can be handled and answered in the coming articles.


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