Tuesday, 6 June 2017

6 Personal branding tips for Introverts

Being social is an important part of developing your professional abilities. Often shy guys and introverts, who like keeping to themselves and not mingling with the so-called extroverts, find it hard to showcase their abilities and grow in the ever-changing career world. 

However, it's important for them to take some risks and make some connections, network with their colleagues in order to be active and get considered for future responsibilities.

Personal branding has a huge impact on career development. The more you get your brandwidth higher the more you are likely to fall in management's purview, thereby getting more promotions. It is definitely intimidating for introverts to find themselves in a professional world where you’re forced to work alongside extroverts who are usually very sociable. Here are six tips that would help introverts make their way down the path to personal branding and achieve success in that area:

Don’t be shy to talk about your accomplishments.

Introverts are known to work hard but are not keen and do not know how to take credit. They oftentimes, fail to get their share of recognition because they don’t or don't like to promote themselves. Many introverts don’t know the ways of putting forth their accomplishments with coming across as arrogant. It’s not sure and not smart enough that you rely on others talk to elevate your accomplishments. Letting them go unnoticed may get in the way of promotions in the workplace.  Take the time to decide just what you want to say about your accomplishments to make sure you receive credit where credit is due.

Work hard to forge strong relationships.

It’s general and also typical that introverts need and also look out for a mentor to help them find success, because, they do not know who, when and how to ask for help or highlight their accomplishments. In their case, it is important to start and maintain strong relationships with people who can speak on their behalf. It would invaluable to you if that person vouches for your skills and talents.

Share your ideas.

Introverts don't chat or do small talk much. So, you need not turn out to be very chatty. But, make sure you feel free to talk about your idea. This will help your manager aware of your contribution to the company. If still, you aren't comfortable doing this, lay a plan to say before saying it.

Do not over-analyze your performance.

Introverts cannot handle limelight, becoming really conscious about it. They hence turn hard on themselves. Hence it is important to not concentrate on your mistakes and instead focus on your successes. 

Rehearse before situations that make you nervous.

There would be situations when introverts may have to give a seminar or presentation before their team. If such presentation is around the corner, be ready by practicing it. Use a mirror or take help from a friend to make yourself seem more comfortable. The more times you practice something, the easy it becomes.

Always have a plan.

If there are any events lined up on your calendar take a moment to plan and think of what could happen and what conversation could go on. Try to analyze what discussions could take place, and what topics could crop up and what specific comments you would like to make. Small talk flows more naturally for people when you find things you have in common.

Introverts often say they feel comfortable communicating online or texting instead of speaking with a person. Introverts, should understand the importance of personal branding and make sure to take advantage of the various online social networks for young professionals, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to network more in a less stress-free environment. As the professional or real world can seem difficult to introverts, any introvert out there should make an effort to learn proper networking skills for leveraging their personal brand.

Do you have or want to share any other for introverts who struggle with personal branding?

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