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How to best showcase your experience to ace an interview?

If you are searching job since long, you must well be aware of what to expect in an interview. As part of the process, you would send your resume with a cover letter. But, many applicants like you, must have applied similarly and in order for you to stand out of all the applications, you must possess few additional skills and added experience. Your qualifications, experience, and few other factors play an important role in the hiring process and selection. 

Employers prefer experienced workers because they have already used their skills, experience and have the attitude to continue to learn and grow that would be a great benefit for the organization. Interviewers have a hiring need or hiring problem and when they interview they need to be convinced that you are the right candidate that will resolve their problems and help their organization in achieving their goals. One of the best possible ways to answer questions in an interview is to showcase your career experience to the best of advantage. 
Showcase your experiences as stories of significant junctures in your career wherein you overcame challenges and succeeded. While answering these questions, the main focus should not only be on the experience you carry in the number of years, but also on highlighting them with few practical examples of how your efforts bore fruits at your previous company.
Here are a few steps you can take to highlight your experience and ensure you are successful in cracking the interview.
Highlight Your Experience In Resume

Many candidates write a rigid and complex resume in order impress the hiring managers. Few applicants copy a simple template available online and then fill in their information in the structure of the template making it seem it is unique and their own.
However, many applicants do follow this and it becomes an identical resume thereby making it unnoticed. Always draft a resume on your own terms bearing in mind these factors. Having an idea of how the structure and template look only should be educative to you, but one should not copy it completely. Your CV or resume should be succinct, informative, and one of it's kind, highlighting your best skill sets and work experiences gained.
Also, your resume shouldn’t on be too long with multiple pages unless you’ve relevant experience or applying to an executive position. Though you might be proud of multiple achievements, try to shorten them to a page. Use simple language and don’t prattle about what you did at each job experience. Do mention only your best achievements, and importantly do not highlight previous experience that is not relevant to the job you’re applying for, though you can tell it in the interview to fill the gaps.
Your experience is like advertising your talents and accomplishments and should make the employer tick the required check boxes set off in the interview. Research about the company and its type when applying, and look to always speak that would be useful and appropriately interesting to the recruiters.
Use Examples to Backup Experience
It is always better to demonstrate your experience by giving examples or through case studies. You need to sound credible with real life work experience though It’s good enough to say you can do something. Use words like “for example” which is the most important phrase that can be used while starting, to put forward your experience in a job interview. It should become a characteristic habit to you and try using it in every answer relating to experience you give to the interviewer.
Just like case studies are important when a sales persons uses them while pitching to a client for selling a business product, similarly, the more examples you give off particular situations where you have shown the qualities that the interviewer is looking for – the more likely you will have a chance of being selected for the job.
Get Social to Build Your Brand
Since past few years, the social media has turned it around and once called hindrance has now become a job seeker most active mode of interaction.
In today's Internet world, social media has become an inevitable part of job search and is being used by most of the recruiters as a screening process prior to interviews.
This applies not only to professional networks such as LinkedIn but also to has penetrated to Facebook, as companies are using its new Jobs features along with promoting their business pages. Hence it becomes imperative that when candidate updates his profile or experience he needs to check the appending link to any of his networks and make sure that are cleaned and removed if required.
Start putting your best foot forward from today ensuring no unsavory photos or content is saved on your social media profile.
After that, build your social brand and make sure your posts are being followed. Check every week if you are making your profile influential and if your online media presence is adding to your proficiency

Ace the Interview with Confidence

Though you have relevant skills and proper experience to back it up, if you lack the confidence while answering questions then it's going to bring down chances of selection drastically down. Confidence supported amply by complete knowledge will ensure success in interviews. Do not forget to research the company, to identify the kind of company, because the hiring manager might fire a question regarding company knowledge you possess. How many ever times you might have attended the interview and practiced sample answers if you lack the confidence it will make a big difference. However, being an experienced campaigner, most of the times you would be at ease while answering questions.
But using your experience and ability to highlight the skills acquired and problems solved in your previous jobs will give you more confidence, putting you ahead of the pack. After all, if you don't make your work background sound exciting, the interviewer will not be keen on engaging you. Contrary to that, if they see someone who’s confident in their principles, knows what they’re speaking about, and answers with a sense of authority, the recruiter’s confidence will also double up immediately.

Following the above tips above will give definitely give you the edge and achieve success in an interview. It’s understandable to conform to proper strategy when applying for a job and stick to it. But make sure your previous job experience, skill sets you learned and carried, and social personality speak for themselves.

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