Friday, 10 February 2017

Freelance Nation: Why Temp Employment is a Better Choice

In the present job market, many job applicants are still unwilling to consider temporary employment or contract jobs as a feasible option for their career, however, with the changing times, they could be missing out on few good options. According to statistics from U.S. Labor Department, more than 2% of the entire employee workforce are of temporary contract workers, accounting to 3 million total temporary workers, that almost twice to the 1.8 million figure reported in 2009.  And, it's not surprising that more than 90% of U.S. Organizations and businesses are employing contract or temporary workers.

There is a stigma of Temporary employment being low level, limited work with low tenure and as no future and broader long-term benefit to the candidate.  temporary employment has evolved much since the beginning of the recession in 2008-09.  More and more companies are using contractors than ever before, resulting in this type of workforce having almost become twofold in the past 5 years.  Apart from this, contract employment has also widened its reach to several different levels and types of openings. What do you think are some of the fastest growing temporary openings? They are RN's, HR's and Administrative Assistants professionals. 

Here are eight reasons why this is temp jobs are good and advantageous for you:

Take the First Step
A temporary job is a great chance to get into the company of your liking and make colleagues and increase your interaction and network with valuable contacts. And remember that if you do your job good enough and you are indispensable then the employer might offer you a full-time position. But if you are interested, make sure your recruiter and your manager know that you are interested in a full-time position which could your fist step to transit from “temp to perm.”

Control your Life:
One of the humongous benefits of temporary employment is flexibility. You are in absolute control of your career and you have the choice of taking breaks in career and have the benefit of handpicking your job webbed around your life. Although at the start of the career, you may feel insecure about not having a fixed job, but once you get a hang you will be happy with the freedom that the temporary work would offer you when you want.

Acquire new skills: 
The other advantage of temporary jobs is acquiring new skills. When you are new to the career and the organizations and as you take up new contract jobs, you will learn new skills. You will see how differently different companies offer and how the same job can be done by different systems. You will know how the companies approach customers in different ways and deal with them. This will make you give a diverse experience which is far more employable and offers value addition to your resume.

Fill The gaps
If there is going to be a gap in your career, Instead of waiting for a temporary job it is always better to accept a temporary job and fill in the gap. This will make sure there are no gaps on your resume and who knows you the contract job may become permanent and it could give very could career growth in future. Employers see this kind of decision as a sign of a good work morals and outlook towards the career.

Enhance your Skills:
Find temporary opportunities that will add experience to your resume. Sharpen existing skills and look for chances to train on new equipment, software or systems in your desired industry. It’s also a great way to build your network and find new mentors.

Get the flexibility: 
As explained in one of the above points, the biggest advantage in a temporary job is flexibility. It would allow you to give time and spend with your kids and work in the mornings, second shift or for a short period of time over the summer or between classes, especially working mothers. And you may never know there is a chance that this opportunity can become permanent.

Being a contractor, it allows you to take some time out to think and introspect about what you’re looking for and what your needs might be over time. You also can hold more than one freelance or contract position at a time working for multiple companies, if you are capable. And you would not be bound by the same rules that a full-time position would offer. 

Build up Contacts: 
As per a popular quote, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Although this may not be exactly true, it applies to building up the network. This could be either for references or meeting people with a similar bend of mind, who may help you further in the future, temping can really strengthen your contacts and have a wider circle of influencers.

Work-related stress is one of the major issues that the employees are facing. Temporary employment will give you an opportunity to take more time out for yourself and your family. And recent employee related statistics have depicted that more UK workers are suffering from work-related pressure. Also if you have proper work satisfaction in a temporary job and can gain enough time for yourself then a temp job can help the employer gain more productivity.

You're protected:
It’s important to know that the contract employee still has rights as equal as a full-time employee and are qualified to benefits like regular pay, holiday allowance and sick pay. You are also supposed to be given the same standard of the working environment as your full-time colleagues. 

As a temp, you will have breaks and limits on the total amount of hours you are supposed to work in a week. You're not required to work more than 13 hours, get 11 hours rest per 24 hours, and an off in a week, and the right to work a maximum of 48 hours in a week.

You would also be entitled to adoption, maternity, paternity leave after a certain duration of time working with the company, along with sick leaves.

The Key-point: 
Remember that if you looking for more permanent and engaging professional job, many temporary jobs can as well lead to permanent placements, particularly if you prove your talent and become invaluable to the company. Never turn down a good temp role just for the sake of permanent position– you never know where it might lead…and I am sure with the kind of benefits I have highlighted above you would follow the advice.


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