Monday, 13 February 2017

Uttering These 5 Words Could Wreck Your Job Interview

Many candidates go to interviews with high hopes of being selected but they utter few words and sentences which create a bad impression in the interviewer's mind and finally, he will be rejected. You may come across many cases, where in your friend says, I have done better but don't know why the H.R rejected you. There could be many reasons, but few words and sentences are so important in your resume and interview that speaking them will lessen your chance of cracking the interview by half. 

Some of the reasons could be Inexperience or not having enough qualification which could lead to rejection. However, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, you get carried away and utter words that could be detrimental to your job selection. When you attend an interview, the recruiter basically wants to see if you can correlate how your skill set aligns with the company’s culture and objectives. If you are experienced you will gain knowledge of how you can handle few of the underlying things, but sweeping the interview across with your work experiences is not completely enough.  

The competency you derived from all of your work experience may get lost by uttering few shabby, shaky words and sentences. Hence, before you are getting ready to your next interview in a big company, go through these five basic and "impermissible phrases" that are a complete taboo in any job interview.  

Don't Criticize Your Boss or previous Employee: 

Speaking disparagingly about your previous boss or a company is strict NO-NO. This gives a negative impression to the interviewer and is not considered a good interview etiquette. Not only about a manager, even speaking about a colleague is bad. If you are leaving a job which is stressful and when questioned why you are applying for a new job, there are many other ways of answering without sounding negative. For example, you can say, "I am seeking a new job because I’d like to handle more challenges, acquire new skills or work for a bigger and better corporate organization. Any organization would like to select people with a positive mindset. 

I Prefer Working by Myself: 
You may not be a good team player. It may not be greatest of strengths and you prefer working by yourself most of the times which is absolutely fine. Because not everyone can gel along well with others. But do not highlight that you are a completely independent person who prefers to be aloof and working on your own. If you don't give an impression that you can harmonize and work alongside others then you are immediately red flagged. 

Though it is good that you can work independently, and take care of some aspects of the project, it is impossible to complete a project and grow in a company without the help of your teammates or getting a recommendation from your lead. Having an understanding how someone works and interacts with others on of that on a deeper level is indicative of how good a team player you are and add value to your team. 

What is the pay & benefits? 
Though you are willing to work and for that sake, anyone is working in order earn, understand that the recruiter is not bothered about it and his priorities are different. Their main priority is to find a suitable applicant who has the requisite skill sets and is passionate about the job being offered. As a prospective hire, you should showcase your talent from their standpoint and think as an interviewer. Think before going to interview, what questions you would ask if you were in recruiter's shoes. 

Out of eagerness, one of important mistake candidates do is Inquiring about the pay structure and benefits a company offers. A clarification regarding pay structure should be done after making sure the hiring manager is willing to offer you the job. Companies and human resources managers want to see how pepped up you are for the job offered and not how inquisitive you are about your pay and other benefits. 

I Don’t Have Any Questions: 
Never say in the interview that you don’t have any questions. You may be damn hungry or you have spoken with many people in the company or have researched about the company, you should express your willing to know more about the company each and every time. Not asking a question in HR circles shows that you are not interested in the position and have not done enough research before the interview. 

Apart from the above Don't say: 

1. How much does this job pay? 
2. What does your company make/do? 
3. Slang words or phrases. 
4. What are the benefits, vacations, promotions, and bonuses? 
5. Curse words or profanity of any kind. 
6 Stereotypical language about other people. 
7. Anything critical about a former employer. 
8. No, I have no questions for you. 
9. I don't have any weaknesses. 
10. Your life story. 

Avoid any statements that leave the job interviewer thinking, “Did she really just say that?” Make the interviewer believe that you have necessary traits that make a great employee and avoid all the above questions and words or sentences and be assured you will be on the list of selected candidates. 


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