Monday, 25 September 2017

Majority of Freelancers Satisfied with Work-life Balance

Majority of freelancers or contract workers say that they are “satisfied” with the amount of leave(annual) they take as per a new study by contractor services provider TaxAssist Accountants partner, Qdos Contractor. This stat is revealed though 38% of freelancers take less time for holidays than a typical full time employer does.

That’s according to a new study by contractor services provider and approved TaxAssist Accountants partner, Qdos Contractor.

The TaxAssist Accountants partner as per it’s poll on UK freelancers regarding their annual leave style found that around a 32% enjoy a minimum of 22 days away from their work desk every year. 22 days is the usual figure for many full-time positions while few fortunate workers out of them happen to receive 28 days of paid annual leave. This means freelancers are able to find an enjoyable work-life balance.

Out of these freelancers who were surveyed, the “unsatisfied” with the holiday time for themselves seem to be those with financial issues. This factor appear to be deciding factor in 60% of the cases. The other fifth of the unsatisfied freelancers admitted to be too busy to take a vacation from their existing jobs, while similar number feared that going on leave would have risk of “losing the contract.”

Of those freelancers surveyed who were “unsatisfied” with the level of holiday time they give themselves, financial issues would appear to be the deciding factor for three-fifths (60%) of these instances. Meanwhile a fifth of “unsatisfied” respondents admitted to being “too busy” to take a break from their existing commitments, while a similar amount feared going on leave would place them at risk of “losing a contract”.

As per this survey it comes out that majority of freelancers, contractors and remote workers are happy with the holiday time they take each year [though few take lesser holiday time than full time employees] indicating that freelance workers are generally enjoying a good and healthy work-life balance.

Seb Maley, CEO of Qdos Contractor, said "That said, many freelancers understandably find taking time off difficult. From feeling the need to work when projects are available, to problems switching off, having the financial security and confidence to enjoy a well-earned rest is one of the most difficult aspects of self-employment.”

According to another recent Qdos study, one of the main reason why new freelancers like to work for themselves is the freedom to select and choose work and have complete control in bringing out their creativity and enjoy work productivity. 
Certainly a better work-life balance and the choice to choose the work they enjoy exceed disadvantages of contract working.

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