Monday, 27 February 2017

Temping Your Way to a Career Change: Using Temp Jobs to Get into New Career Field

Accepting a temporary job is always considered as a stop-gap arrangement till one lands into a permanent job. But, when you are changing it careers or opting for a new career path, taking up a contract job can be very effective. Contract jobs being generally easier to get can be a great chance to check out how well you can do in the new field you have opted and offers a quicker way to break into the new sector. Few professionals who are experienced and have got a gap in their career, like a single mother, if wants to choose a new field, then temping is the right thing to do. Even experienced candidates try contracting, before choosing a new industry and trying to establish in that field.

So, if you are planning to do temp work to start a new career, here are few suggestions:

Choose the Right Temp Firm:

If you have made up your mind to join a field and take up a contract job, then it is best suggested that you approach a Temporary hiring firm that is specialized in hiring specific industry or jobs related to a field. For example, if you have been working as back office executive and now want to work as an accountant, choose a Temporary Recruitment Firm which is specialized in it. Being experts in the financial field, when you opt for them, you would get vast experience when taking up various financial or accounting jobs.

Likewise, if you are looking for a career in HR or IT, then it is advisable to choose firms specialized in them. Remember that if you are choosing the new field it is not compulsory to have the skills required for that career.  You can think of all the skills and similar experiences that can help you in the work relating to this new field and explain them to the recruiter, who will help you put them across in your resume. Make sure you put your best foot forward and give all your inputs, taking help from the temp hiring company, to make sure you come across the most wanted and fit person for the job in the new career field you opted. Mention:

  • Similar transferable skills
  • Any achievements or awards to indicate you will make a good fit in the new work.
  • Professional references and connections in the new field

Build Rapport with your Recruiter:

Let your recruiter also called the placement consultant know what designations you are looking for specifically, and gain experience in the field you have chosen. The best thing to accomplish this is by building the right rapport with the placement officer, as the more details you share, the better it would be for them to know your skills and capabilities. Give more stress on transferable skills if you are already experienced, making yourself a good fit for the company. A candidate being a good fit for the company is as equal as a company being good fit for an applicant.

It also important for one to know how the temporary staffing firm works and the firm would be more interested in finding the right candidate for the company rather than the other way around. Staffing firms receive a fee or part of your salary as their revenue when you are placed. A temp firm receives more conversion fee if the candidate becomes a permanent employee of the company. Hence their emphasis would be to find and get the right candidate who is more skilled and qualified for the job. Hence, you should make a proactive effort to showcase the skills and earn the job.

Do the Required Job Perfectly:

If you earned a job at the company of your choice do the required job required, unless you are asked for more. There have been cases where employees go beyond their boundaries and take up extra responsibilities which are not part of their job and end up getting nothing at the end. However, if you think these extra tasks you take up would provide you an opportunity to learn a new skill, ask your manager and perform them. And it also doesn't mean that you should focus on acquiring new skills without giving greater emphasis to the job you are hired for. Remember that, if you are aspiring for higher goals or promotions or permanent job, it is important that you do the work assigned to you perfectly and to the best of your abilities.

Avoid trying to climb the corporate ladder as soon as you are hired. A good reference from your manager or the hiring manager after you have been accomplishing your present job will take you to the ideal position that you are aspiring for. Always be receptive to acquire new skills and knowledge. Be ready to grab any opportunity coming your way. Learn more and more about the company and grow your network. Keep your eyes and ears open and watch what is going on around you and become involved in the activities, work or non-work related, to get noticed. Even lunches and indoor games in your company can help you connect with people who could help you in future.

Treat Your Job as a Helping Hand for Future Interviews:

In additional to the day to day job assigned treat your employment as a long-term informational guidance tour for further interviews. Watch the business processes, ask your manager if you want to find more information and keep questioning yourselves. As temp-hire, you have invaluable advantage of observing the processes, different verticals and operations of corporate art. By all these, you form yourself a solid platform and prepare for becoming a temp to perm. Here as mentioned there is a thin line of crossing your limits, but there is not limit for observation if you are doing your job perfectly fine. The employer would not be under much pressure if they know that you are interested in the field as a whole and not particularly next opening in that department.

Attend Every Event & Seize Every Opportunity:

If the company offers packed lunch boxes to work or seminars, inquire if you can use your lunch hour to attend the seminar. Though internal events stay internal, seize the advantage of being an insider to learn more about the domain. Even the optional after hour office events can be taken advantage of. Take every opportunity to learn about the company and industry.

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