Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Right Way to Follow-Up After Your Job Interview

Finally, you have attended the interview for your dream job and think that you have given your best shot. But, you haven't got any update from the hiring manager. Remember, that when you attend an interview, it could take some time for the Hiring managers to get back to you and let you know the status. Waiting for the result could be more stressful than giving the interview and following the process itself. When you are expecting a call and not getting any updates then, for sure, your anxiety levels increase. 

So, you many consider to follow up with the Human resources team and find out the status and where they are in the process. But, consider that you should not be over pushy and sound very anxious in getting the job. It might damage the impression you have already create and spoil the situation. You need to use polite, professional and proper ways in order to follow up after an interview. Here are a few ways and guidelines that we highlighted for you. 

Thank-you Note: 

Proper follow up after an interview is a key aspect in the process of being hired. When you reach out to H.R, it shows that you are interested and committed to waiting for the position at hand.  

According to Jill Garner, an employee engagement and training expert "A call made to an interviewer may highlight, bring up your resume, keep you in memory and separate you from others." The first good step is to send a thank-you note to the hiring manager within 24 hours of the interview, preferably through e-mail format. 

Sending an email may show your interest, commitment and can also provide you chance to send any other information that you have not included in the resume or have forgotten to mention in the interview. 

Have Patience: 

Patience is your friend and key in cases like these. During interview, it is always better to ask what the next steps are and when you can get back to them in the hiring process, so that you can know the timeline and when you can reconnect with the H.R 
What if no timeline is given? According to senior H.R's and guidelines, it is ideal to wait for 4-7 days after you have sent a thank-you note to the interviewer.  

The applicant should understand that each company's HR guidelines and hiring procedures are different. Each recruiter may sometimes have to keep in touch with 50-100 applicants every day at an average. If you do not get a call or an e-mail, it doesn't mean that you are not being considered. 

What is the timeline is given? If the time frame is given, you must respect it and be patient to wait for the right time. Respecting the interviewer is the first line of adherence you are showing to the company, thereby giving an impression that you will abide by the company's policies. 

As per Kristen Kenny, vice president of people and talent at car search website CarGurus, it is ideal for the candidate to show the patience of two weeks after sending the thank-you note. Prior to this is it better to give a call to formally enquire about the status of the hiring process. 

Don’t feel Uncomfortable: 

Following up after an interview can be annoying. It would be hard for the candidate to guess where they stand and if they are not getting a proper answer from the sourcing manager, then maybe they can second guess. 

Some candidates do not like to call and have a reservation in reaching out to the interviewer. Sometimes the sourcing team themselves doesn't have any update to provide to the candidates, which adds to the confusion.  

Some recruiters may be active and some passive. Few recruiters are too passive to say 'no' to applicants. However, the best recruiters are those who do not hold the candidates back without giving a proper update and show communicative transparency in the hiring process. Also, it is better for candidates to remember that it's not always about you, but about them, and that there are other candidates as well waiting for updates. 

Career Experts often say that candidates need to adhere to professional methods and think from interviewer's perspective. Checking and find out the status is not a bad thing. But, make sure you to do it in the proper way which is respectful and appreciable of someone's time.  

Follow these guidelines:

  • Email is the best and fastest way to say thank you after a job interview is finished. Also it is perfectly acceptable medium of sending message and following up. 
  • Always try to promote yourselves and your candidacy. Use your follow-up note or thank you note to reiterate that you are interested in the job and the company.
  • Did you forget to say anything in the interview? Then it's alright to mention that in the follow up note saying that you missed out sharing it during the interview. Mention anything you wished you had said, but didn't, during the interview.

  • Check and proofread your thank you or follow up letters before you send them, finally. Make sure you check for typo or grammatical error which can knock you out of contention.
  • Review examples of thank you letter examples online if you're not sure what to write.

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