Monday, 23 January 2017

How Do Staffing Agencies Work for Your Ultimate Benefit?

Staffing agencies are private firms that work for a company and provide a large number of candidates. They also offer potential and specific jobs to the candidates and help them get into the sector or the company they want to. These agencies, basing on the criteria and Job description provided by the company do head hunting and source the candidates through various means like an advertisement, job sites, job fairs, other websites and even through social media like Facebook. 

Why Do Employers Hire Through Staffing Agencies:

In business time is money. When it comes to business or a company, for a major job, there would a lot of process in hiring an employee. That's why the companies to reduce the effort and time involved use the services of staffing agencies. When it is for a good job in a good company, imagine a lot of people applying, would mean a lot of resumes. These resumes have to screened, potential candidates selected for interviews then called and arranged for a one-to-one interview in deciding to hire or not. 

All this process involves both time and cost, which few companies would try to avoid and hence approach staffing agencies. 

How Staffing Agencies Work


A staffing agency, helps bridge the gap for candidates unable to find jobs and for organizations that need to fill out the positions but are unable to find suitable employees. A temp agency has a repository of workers with a variety of skills. When the business has a requirement the hiring process is handles by the agency which conveniently identifies the right candidate and handles much of the paperwork.

Typical temporary employment agency handles hiring and terminations for a business, along with employment taxes like payroll, Social Security and Medicare. The client just needs to specify the number of workers and the time period needed they are needed to work and the hourly rate, that can be negotiated.

Let us take a look at few important advantages of why you should consider approaching a staffing agency to get hired.

1. Saves Cost & Time: 

Employers hire through staffing agencies, as mentioned above to cut cost and time of hiring processes. Most of the companies, except few who have their own in-house HR services, outsource the part of recruitment processes like pre-employment calls and testing, background checks, screening and selection processes and even drug and health screening. Few companies even get their total recruitment done through a staffing agency itself.

In the present market scenario of high unemployment, if the job opening is available for a good and well-paid job, it is obvious that a lot of candidates would apply, which means many resumes will be received by the employer. So, he has a job of going through all those resumes, select potential resumes, call them for an interview and then select the right employee which is very time-consuming and involves lot of funding as well. 

As this whole process is being passed on to staffing agencies who specialized to do this, it is beneficial for the candidates to register with a good staffing firm, which acts as a pathway in guiding them to a perfect career.

2. Expertise and Experience:

Staffing agencies have a level of expertise and few are in the field far many years, which gives them the edge in knowing the process of hiring which a normal HR department of a company wouldn't have. While the in-house HR's of a company are normally in touch with only one group of people and have only the needed expertise, the staffing agencies have a broader reach in terms of connections it has. It also is aware of what is the current trend of technology, how the technology is changing and what kind of candidates are required to be hired for a company keeping in view the technological advances in a field. 

This is where the candidates should take advantage of and use the expertise and experience of staffing agencies in using its leverage to get hired. Also, few employment agencies have specialists in hiring for certain field or for a company. So, it is better that the candidates select that staffing agency to get hired in a particular sector or company. 

3. Database and Network: 

Most of the good staffing agencies have the best and huge database of candidates and best talent pool available which makes employers approach them. Also, they have connections and network with different people in the recruitment zone who are at different levels. This varies from working employees in another organization to a management resource of that company. So this network can be tapped by a candidate when they are using a staffing agency for recruitment. 

Also, employers when they need to ramp-up a process, approach an employment agency, who already have the set of database and resumes with who can help them get recruitment's done sooner. This can also be used to a job-seeker's advantage if you have right skills and talent. With the kind of network and reach the staffing agency has, they will help you get the job in a matter of days.

4. Less work & increased feedback: 

When a candidate gives a resume to a right staffing agency, he has less work to go and approach individual companies. Because he can be rest assured most of the big companies have already tied up with your staffing agency. So, the only thing they need to ensure is to give their perfect shot in the interview. Also few of the staffing agencies, groom the candidates, on the areas they are lacking behind. 
After all the success of the job-seeker is the success of the staffing company, and the more they recruit the more they earn. So, it is implied that, with a single resume a candidate is applying to multiple employers.

Also, the candidates can get constant feedback after attending interviews and keep following up with the staffing agency and keep improving their interview experience and reduce their shortcomings. Job seekers have a wide range of choice when they seek the help of a staffing agency. With the wide list of employers the recruiting agency has, it also becomes increasingly easy for the candidate to choose from. 

5. Flexibility and Training:

When you approach a staffing agency instead of going directly, you have the flexibility of applying to various opportunities with various companies. Also, you have specialized HR personnel who are experts in preparing resumes, giving feedback, enhancing your skills and giving interview tips. Candidate with the help of the staffing company HR can decide on what kind of job is suitable for him basing on his time schedule, the need of job, job sector etc. Staffing firm also offers training for candidates to prepare them for interviews. 

Candidates this way will gain knowledge and experience beforehand, prior applying job. Few recruiting agencies like Addison Group, provide training in Ms-Excel and few important questions that the interviewer may ask before his send the candidate to the interview.


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